The various assignments that I have undertaken for the organisations I have worked with have been used in various publications over the years. My images have been regularly used in various internal and external newsletters with Tearfund, The Church of Scotland Guild, SRUC and EMMS, the links for which I will not share all of here. I do not have an exhasutive list, but here are a selection of links and screenshots of my work which has been published.

Tearfund “World of Difference” Campaign

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland Global South Delegates meet First Minister Press Release

Tearfund “Your Neighbour is Thirsty” Campaign

Tearfund “Unlikely Friendship” article

Tearfund “Child Marriage” article

Tearfund “Food Waste” article

Tearfund “Cakes, Bakes and Faith” article

Tearfund “Don’t Be Rusbbish” campaign article

Tearfund “Covid-19” article

Tearfund “Nepal Earthquakes” article

Scottish Government International Development Tweet

Scottish government “Supporting the World’s Poor” article

SRUC “Seeking Better Futures” article

SRUC “Rural Scotland in Focus 2016” report

Scripture union “Holidays” website

Scripture Union “Altnacriche Venue” website

Scripture Union “Gowanbank Venue” Website

Scripture Union “Kingscross Venue” Website

Scripture Union “Lendrick Muir Venue” Website

Scripture Union “Scoughall Venue” Website

Scotsman “Christian Aid Art Sale 2020” article

Soul Food Edinburgh Website

EMMS “Malawi Rural Healthcare” article

The Herald “Palliative Care in Malawi” article

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