Edinburgh City Centre

Edinburgh City Centre

As well as doing Photographry/ Videography, I work part time for a charity called SOHTIS (Survivors of Human Trafficking in Scotland). It’s a brilliant charity to work for. The situations we come across are incredibly challenging, but incredibly rewarding when things go well!

The reason I mention all of this is because, every Thursday I run various drop-ins throughout Edinburgh with SOHTIS through the day. I almost always carry my camera gear with me on a Thursday – because I’m in Edinburgh and there are always photo opportunities to be had throughout the day!

It seemed like a good idea to put together a blog post to share a selection of my Edinburgh images that I’ve shot over the last few weeks. Most are from the classic viewpoints, as time goes on I’ll be exploring more and more parts of the city.

Sunset over Edinburgh from Carlton Hill. I had to shoot several versions of this image and then blend them together in order to remove the groups of tourists from the path in the foreground.
From the same afternoon, there was a fantastic sunbeam coming down between the Balmoral Hotel and the Scots Monument – so the telephoto lens had to come out.
The roof of the St James’s Quarter – the newest shopping centre in the city. Not the most popular building in the city, but I don’t think it looks that bad – especially with the sunset reflecting off it.
North Edinburgh, the Forth Bridges and the distinctive bulk of Ben Ledi as seen from Carlton Hill. Ben Ledi is the beautiful hill that towers above Callander, sitting 49 miles from Carlton Hill.
Sunset over Princes St, viewed from beneatth the Nelson Monument on Carlton Hill.
Jeffrey Street, The Royal Mile, Edinburgh University and the Pentland Hills in the Gloaming.
The Museum on the Mound and Edinburgh Castle in the Gloaming.
St John’s Church, St Columbas Church and Edinburgh Castle on a fantastic Autumn day.
Edinburgh Castle from Princes Street Gardens.
Edinburgh from Salisbury Crags.
The Holyrood Parliament Building at dusk.

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