Let me introduce myself…….

Let me introduce myself…….

Hello! Welcome!

Thanks for having a look at my website.

It seems prudent to make my first blog post an introduction. Through future blog posts, I’ll be sharing posts on various themes – “How I shot it” landscape images; Images galleries from events/ international trips and mountain trips; Stories from International Development travels and various other themes.

Sunset over Loch Moraig and Carn Liath

Anyway, back to the introduction. I’m Chris (you probably guessed that much already….). I’ve been a photographer for about 14 years, doing it professionaly for almost 10 years. My love of photography is in the telling of a story – whether that is one of a landscape or of a persons story. I constantly ask myself – How can I convey something to you, the audience, through the images I create?

One of the local Women struggling through the blistering heat and scouring wind of Afar in Ethiopia

My photography falls into 2 distinct categories – Landscapes and photojournalism.

I fell in love with landscape photography for a simple reason – I live in Scotland. I challenge anyone to live in or visit Scotland and not fall in love with the landscape! Being constantly surrounded by such awesome scenery saw me start to try and capture a little of what it looks like and I constantyl try to make my landscape images better. I love the “honeypot” scenes that we have here in Scotland – those well know scenes that so many people have visited and shot. I especially love trying to find the lesser known places or lesser photographed places, purely because these give me a chance to not be swayed by what has been shot before.

Sunrise over the North Sea and the Torness Breakwater

My journey in Photojournalism began before I even picked up a camera. Since I became a Christian in my mid-teens, tackling poverty and injustice has been something I have strived to do with my life, on however small a scale. When I started taking photography seriously, I knew that this was an aspect I wanted to be a part of my photographic journey. It hasn’t been easy to figure out how or what that would look like, but I seem to have been able to carve a wee niche in the photographic world through which I can do this. Working with NGO’s (Non-Government Organisations – a different way of referring to charities) to capture something of the story they are trying to tell allows me to do this. Whether that is abroad when visiting some of the international partners they work with or at home here in Scotland when shooting a conference or a press call for them. I love working with organisations that have a “humanitarian” focus. If my photography can help push that agenda, can help to tackle worldwide issues and inspire folks here in Scotland to stand up for these issues, then I’ll be very happy.

A dried up riverbed in Ethiopia that should be full of seasonal rainwater. Climate change has affected those who live in this area severely.

That’s a brief introduction to me, please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to hear more or if you would like to work together on a project. I’ll be writing regularly in this blog, so please check back to see what I’m sharing!

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