Jocabad Solano – Panama

Jocabad Solano – Panama

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon addressing Jocabed Solano from Panama.

Last week, I was privileged to be asked to work with Stop Climate Chaos Scotland to shoot some images of a roundtable discussion they hosted in Glasgow between Frist Minister Nicola Sturgeon and group of representatives from the Global South.

The group praised the First Ministers leadership throughout COP26, but also urged her to deepen her leadership on climate issues and asked that rich countries shoulder their climate change responsibilities and make money available to support developing nations, slash Scotland’s emissions and oppose future fossil fuel projects.

The group were fantastic. Much more eloquent than I could ever be and passionate in what they were saying. Nicola Sturgeon was equally impressive, listening intently and taking on board what was being said to her. Starting with this post, I want to share a few blog posts about some of what was said at the meeting and, of course, share some of the images from the meeting!

Jocabed Solano from Panama

Jocabed Solano, an indigenous rights and climate change activist from Panama, asked this of the First Minister, and of all of us:

“The sea levels are rising all around our islands and people are losing their homes. This is the land of our grandmothers and we want to stay. Indigenous people care for 80% of the world’s biodiversity in the lands in which we have lived for centuries. To protect the earth you must protect our human rights. 

“What will you say to your children and grandchildren when they ask how you cared for the earth? My people say we are united with mother earth and we must defend her.”

After having the time to engage in dialogue with the First Minister, Jocabed presented her with a necklace made by her indigenous people in Panama, which she said was a reminder of how her people are being affected by climate change.

Jocabed presenting First Minister Nicola Strugeon with an indigenous necklace from Panama
Jocabed presenting First Minister Nicola Strugeon with an indigenous necklace from Panama
Jocabed Solano and First Minister Nicola Strugeon together after the SCCS roundtable.

COP26 has presented a challenge to all of us, not enough was done at this conference and so we, the people, must push our leaders to do more, to do better. On top of that, we must make changes in our own lives so that our children and grandchildren don’t have to face the challenges that we have currently put them on course for.

Many thank to Stop Climate Chaos Scotland for the opportunity to work with them at this roundtable, and for allowing me to use the text from their Press Release regarding the roundtable.

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